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Department of Agriculture Sciences


RAYAT BAHRA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (RBIM) Hoshiarpur has mandate to setup course to equipe students with all around knowledge of the sector and normally includes the following: Agronomy, Horticulture, Soil science, plant breeding etc. Agriculture is considered as a professional degree by govt. of India. The main focus of the college is to study the agricultural sciences and the use of modern scientific equipments and techniques in agriculture, land surveying, soil science, water resource management etc. The objective of the course is to use these concepts to train students to improve agricultural productivity. The syllabus is designed to provide an overall knowledge of agriculture and all its related disciplines. B.Sc. in Agriculture is a full time, regular, 4 years duration under graduate course, designed for interested students having a senior Secondary (10+2) qualification in science (Medical Or Non medical) stream. The course is subdivided into 8 semesters, six months each and can be pursued in college at an average course fee. The course is not so popular among students but the demand for trained professionals in agriculture is very high. Its aim is to encourage an awareness of agriculture and to promote improvements in the quality of life of persons living in an agriculture community.

Eligibility Criteria

The Senior Secondary (10+2) Examination needs to have been qualified in preferably in science (Medical or non medical) stream.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this course professionally may work as agriculture consultants, associate professors, farm managers, agriculture officer, inspectors in farm related organizations, agro-industries, food processing units, dairy fields and breeding centers. Agriculture graduates are working as managers in agriculture and horticulture departments. Students can also go for competitive exams of AO, FO, soil production and seed production officers They can set their own business in primary economic sector such as farming, fisheries, mining, poultry farming etc.